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Apr 4 / sara

Good Neighbor Q&A: What are the best disposable containers?

Gable Boxes

Good To Go Boxes

Hello, neighbors! We’re introducing a new feature here on our blog: the Good Neighbor Q&A. Do you wonder how long you can freeze a lasagne before it’s no longer identifiable or safe to eat? When you’re doubling a recipe, how long should you extend the cooking time? What can you do to spruce up a meal you are gifting without spending too much? When you’re visiting a seriously ill friend, is it appropriate to bring up the illness?

These are the sorts of questions we’ll be answering, so please, send us your questions as!

Question: I recently delivered a hearty lentil soup in a Nancy’s Plain Yogurt container. Not too attractive! But I didn’t want to trouble her with returning a soup pot and didn’t really want to pick it up, since she lives far away. What inexpensive disposable containers can you recommend?

Answer: We love the disposable containers above from ThinkGarnish. They’re good looking, leak-proof, stackable, and affordable. The Gable Boxes with the handles are perfect for transporting baked goods like cakes, pies, and cookies for that school bake sale or for welcoming new neighbors. Use the Good to Go Boxes for delivering prepared dishes like pastas, soups, and salads.

Rubbermaid Take Along

The Rubbermaid Take Along container is another good option for your transporting needs: reusable, BPA-free, dishwasher and freezer safe. They’re nice enough for delivery but because they’re inexpensive, you won’t mind if you don’t get them back. The 6-cup capacity is a useful large size great for soups and stews.

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