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Our recipes are organized by occasion. We figure that when you’re heading to a block party, you don’t think, “What chicken dish should I bring?” Instead, you wonder: “What the heck can I whip up in the least amount of time that suits the event?”

We aim to help you make that decision quickly and easily. Within each category, you’ll find a growing library of dishes — appetizers, soups, salads, main courses and desserts — perfectly matched to the occasion.

Let us know if you have additional categories to suggest!

Block Parties and Barbecues

Bringing Home Baby

Community, Religious, and Business Gatherings


Get Well Soon

Novel Ideas for Book Club

Welcome to the Neighborhood

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  1. Janie Wright / Jun 13 2011

    I have cut out of the Dallas Morning News, Wed, May 4th your recipe for Summer corn salad with chiles, lime & Feta. It looks wonderful, cool & light! However, should I cook or steam the corn ? There is no mention of cooking it, but I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten “raw” corn. I had planned on taking this to a luncheon at noon tomorrow, so would really appreciate a quick reply. I am also planning to make your brown butter blueberry muffins soon. Thanks, Janie Wright

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