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About the Authors


Sara is very aware of the irony that she is coauthor of The Good Neighbor Cookbook yet lives in a 46-floor high-rise in New York City, where she knows barely a handful of neighbors. In her defense, she has spent her adult life cooking for others, first as a restaurant owner/chef, then as a recipe developer/food stylist for Real Simple magazine. She is currently food/web director at, a website for beginner cooks. You can also view her work at

Kitchen equipment I can’t do without: My grandma’s 70 year-old cast iron skillet.

Go-to dinner favorites: Fall: roasted cauliflower and sage pasta. Winter: roasted chicken with lots of lemon and garlic. Spring: lamb chops and mint sauce. Summer: sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil and grilled bread.

What I most love to cook: dishes that simmer: pasta sauces, curries, soups, stews.

Home-alone dinner: Soft boiled egg on buttered toast. If I’m feeling fancy, maybe some broiled asparagus, too.

Dream kitchen must-have: Counter space.

Good-neighbor pledge: To cook for the sweet old ladies who live on my floor.


Suzanne became an indebted recipient of good-neighbor cooking the day she and her husband brought their twin boys home from the hospital, when a pot of three-bean chili mysteriously appeared on their doorstep. Suzanne devoured the chili before even learning who’d dropped it off. Ever since, she’s been attempting, with mixed success, to pay it forward. She apologizes for the time she delivered a cold, store-bought quiche.

Constant cooking companions: Sons Toby and Ian, age 3. Toby’s favorite job: rinsing garbanzo beans. Ian’s: eating “banzo” beans.

Most frequent good-neighbor cooking occasion: Meal trains for parents of twins and triplets, via Central Oregon Families with Multiples. Go-to recipe: Sweet Pepper and Spinach Lasagne.

Current state of my kitchen: Total disarray, according to my husband, Paul “Couldn’t we just go back to takeout?” Spencer.

Number of kitchen fires started while recipe testing for The Good Neighbor Cookbook: One. (Damage was limited to two burned kitchen towels and a cutting board.)

Fondest food wish: That fresh figs weren’t so expensive.

Opinion of my college dorm food: Extremely high, especially the turkey tetrazzini and veal parm.

Day job: Writing (see about potty training, prenatal hemorrhoids and toddler tantrums.

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